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Passionate about nutrition!

Hi, my name is Lynley, and I am a scientist and a nutritionist.  I am passionate about providing nutritious fresh food for my family, and I want to share my knowledge with you. I offer quality nutritional advice and skills, based on my University training.

About Me

I haven’t always cared too much about what I eat, but becoming a parent changed that.  So many things fundamentally change when we become responsible for another human life! I grew up on a wheat and sheep farm in rural Victoria where we ate meat and vegetables in some form, every day.  I was taught and encouraged to cook by my Mum, (thank you!) so preparing food was not daunting to me.  However, there are so many mixed messages regarding nutrition out there, that I really wasn’t sure what was OK to eat anymore.  So, being a bit of a study-nerd, I decided to investigate further and completed my Master in Human Nutrition.




Want to know what I found out?

Eat vegetables.  Eat fish.  Eat nuts and seeds.  Eat some red meat.  Eat the colours of the rainbow!

You can eat pretty much anything, just less of some and more of others.  Boring!  Not much of a headline grabber is it!  But it is the truth.

I learned that we are individuals when it comes to nutrition, and as research into the gut microbiome evolves, we will one day be able to have personalised nutrition plans.  That excites me.  But until then, we can listen intuitively to our body, eat mindfully, and see what makes us feel and function our best.  Our nutritional demands change over time, and so do our bodies. 

I am a believer in creating habits for long-term health, and I want to help you create those.  I want to give you the confidence to prepare nutritionally balanced meals. I want the next generation to also know what real food is and how to prepare it.  Why?  Because our health depends on it.  





Feel confident with your food choices

Through my blog, you will, over time, find delicious, nutritious, easy recipes that you may like to include in your diet, and other useful pieces of information to help you feel confident in your food choices.

I try to use as much fresh produce as possible -  we are so lucky to live in Australia with access to so much beautiful produce, so let’s eat it!

I also love science, so as much as I am able, I like to stay up-to-date on current developments in nutritional research, which translates into any advice I offer.