Welcome to Little Hugs!

I have developed these beautiful cards as a tool for parents to support, encourage and motivate their children.

I began with home-made cards, sending one to school in my children's lunchboxes.

My daughter described reading her card as a 'little hug', giving her the boost she needed at the time.

Promote optimal health and learning

As a qualified nutritionist, I understand how feeling positive, loved, less stressed and less anxious promotes optimal health and learning. Stress and anxiety can interfere with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, the ability to concentrate, positive interaction with peers and general resilience. With rapidly growing bodies and brains, our children need all the quality nutrition they can get, so reducing anxiety and stress can only be beneficial.

The cards are designed to be highly visual and promote imaginative thinking, with simple phrases children can read or have read to them.

The Cards

There are six different artworks, and 22 different phrases in each pack. I have also included two blank cards for you to write your own special message. Printed on recycled paper, they are laminated to enable a gentle wipe clean when necessary.

I hope you enjoy these cards as much as we do, and they become something your child treasures receiving as a little reminder of your love for them.



BUY Little Hugs

Cards are 95mm x 56mm
Each set has 24 cards
(6 artworks, 22 phases and 2 blank to write on yourself)
Packaged in a metal tin.

$19.95 a set + $4.95 postage for up to 4 sets
Sending to Australia only.