• Eat well, think well, feel well

    Eat well, think well, feel well

Welcome to my website

I'm Lynley, a scientist and nutritionist who is passionate about eating for good health. I enjoy preparing and creating nutritious, simple, fresh food for my family, and I welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge and inspiration with you.

I am acutely aware how hard it can be to eat well in our fast-paced world where nutritionally poor, convenience food is cheaply and freely available.

I hope to make this easier for you by sharing on my blog, the simple, delicious, nutrient-dense recipes and ideas that I find.  I also love to keep up with nutrition research, so I will share some of this info too, just for fun.

I can also provide individualised evidence-based advice and support to you and your family, to help incorporate these ideas into your life.  Making change is not easy; don’t underestimate the importance of ongoing support for making meaningful, habit-forming changes.  Research consistently shows that regular contact with a health and nutrition professional significantly increases the likelihood of long-term dietary change.  

I am also available for corporate and community talks, customised to your requirements.

Visit my SERVICES page to discover how I can assist you.